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About Sufog

Sufog was founded on a new search algorithm that allows capabilities of not only general search, but also vertical search. This provides another dimension of search functionality beyond that of the current major search engines (e.g., Google, Bing and Yahoo), providing users with more in-depth categorical accuracy.

General search, also known as horizontal search, utilizes key words to locate web pages. It usually overlooks polysemantic aspects of key words (e.g., "cloud" as in weather or IT, "apple" as the company or the food), and prioritizes web pages based on page ranks. In contrast, vertical search utilizes key words in a specific area (or category search). These two kinds of search complement each other, as illustrated with the figure below.

We are currently still expanding the categories available on Sufog. If there is a category of interest that is not available, please provide us feedback via webmaster@sufog.com. We are actively working to improve Sufog to meet your web search needs.